Petra is investigating multiple targets from the phosphoinositide (PI) signaling pathway. The lead program targets PIP4K2, an enzyme that phosphorylates PI(5)P (phosphoinositide 5 phosphate) to yield PI(4,5)P2 (phosphoinositide 4, 5, phosphate). Both substrate and product are important signaling molecules involved in regulation of cellular metabolism and growth.

Published reports and Petra’s internal data support a role for inhibitors of PIP4K2 in selective killing of cancerous cells. This program has benefited from a highly productive collaboration with Sprint Biosciences, a leading fragment based drug discovery company.

Petra is currently studying four additional targets in the PI signaling pathway. These programs are in various stages of lead discovery and optimization and are supported by innovative and industry-leading technologies from Schrödinger LLC through a strategic partnership with Petra.

Application of these cutting-edge technologies will accelerate the drug discovery process and yield highly optimized molecules to potently and selectively target only the enzymes of interest.

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