Opening New Frontiers By Advancing The Promise of PI Signaling Pathways

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Petra Pharma was founded in 2016, but one needs to turn back the calendar to truly understand the history behind this pioneering clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. Petra was built on more than 30 years of scientific investigation into PI signaling pathways by its founders, the noted cancer researchers Dr. Lewis Cantley and Dr. Nathanael Gray. Here’s a glimpse of the milestones and moments that placed Petra Pharma on the leading edge of cancer therapeutics.


Accelerator Corp. is established in Seattle and New York City as a biotechnology investment and management company.


Petra launched with one of the largest biotech Series A financing rounds in New York history.


A collaboration and licensing agreement with Sprint Bioscience grants Petra full control over all future development of Sprint’s PIP4K2 program.


Brian O’Callaghan named CEO


Dr. Lewis Cantley and Dr. Nathanael Gray appointed to a nine-member scientific advisory board that includes Nobel Laureate Dr. Harold Varmus.


Petra Pharma inks a multitarget research collaboration with Schrödinger LLC.


Petra Pharma enters a strategic collaboration with Evotec AG.


Dr. Lewis Cantley publishes a paper in August issue of Nature identifying strategies to disrupt the glucose/insulin feedback loop and dramatically improve the anti-tumor response of PI3K pathway inhibitors.


Preclinical data shows that potent and selective inhibitors of PIP4K2 hinders growth of a variety of hematologic cancers.


Petra Pharma secures a global license from Takeda for Serabelisib, now Petra’s lead pipeline asset, and two additional PI3Kα-specific inhibitors.


Dr. Albert S. Yu named Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

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By collaborating with key partners, Petra brings together a comprehensive understanding of the complex biology behind PI signaling with cutting-edge drug discovery to advance molecules into the clinic with optimal efficiency and reduced risk.

Schrödinger LLC

In 2017, Petra Pharma and Schrödinger LLC, a privately-held company dedicated to revolutionizing drug discovery, announced a multi-target research collaboration that allows Petra to leverage Schrödinger’s computational drug discovery platform to develop new therapies for people with limited treatment options.

Sprint Bioscience

Petra Pharma inked a collaboration and licensing agreement with Sprint Bioscience in 2016 for the research, development, and commercialization of Sprint’s PIP4K2 program targeting tumor metabolism. The agreement grants Petra full control over all future development, as well as worldwide commercialization rights for potential cancer therapeutics and diagnostics.

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